Sakthi Magic

Having wanted to visit Borobudur for many years, I went there after the recent death of my mother. I travelled to Java, Indonesia and felt an immediate connection to the architecture, but also, the blue volcanoes surrounding it. Mt Merapi being active was smoking, a conduit between the soul and the spirit. These cross cultural and mixed media works, made in Jogyakarta, Hill End and Singapore, continue to expand my conceptual practice. 

Sakthi Magic, Kembang Merapi, Tiong Bahru

Nitik 'Onengan' by artist julie williams

Homage To Cheong Soo Pieng

Homage To Cheong Soo Pieng by artist Julie Williams

Mine Shaft 'Keep Out'

Mine Shaft 'Keep Out' by Artist Julie Williams

Sakti On My Mind

Sakti On My Mind by Artist Julie Williams

White Tiger Singapore

' White Tiger Singapore' by Artist Julie Williams

Historical Truth

Historical Truth by Artist Julie Williams

Jogya Dreaming 

Jogya Dreaming by Artist Julie Williams