Meet Julie Williams

Born in the UK, Julie spent her early twenties in France then migrated to Sydney, Australia. Here she built a career as a professional artist. In 2014 Julie moved to Asia and is now living and practicing in Singapore.  Read More.


Julie is pleased to be exhibiting in 'from the ocean to the silver city...' at the Australian High Commission, Singapore from 4 August - 1 September, 2017.  The exhibition includes Australian and Singaporean based artists, who explore some of the myriad of cultural ties that connect the two countries.
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Hill End Studio 

This is where I love to paint till 1 or 2am, music blaring lost in my own world, shame it is so far from Singapore but try to get back there when I can. In the past I didn't need a studio as the great outdoors was it, but now conditions have to be perfect to make me brave the weather, bull ants and tourists.
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